We need to talk "browser" language, that translates to HTML, CSS & JS. I know, JQuery is on the way out, but in the meantime, someone has to keep the party going! It looks like ReactJS is here to stay, we love our new flashy library that takes away so many painfull time-wasters in the Front-End. Some Back-End knowledge never hurt anyone, NodeJS with MongoDB is the perfect combination to create RESTful apps. Git, nowadays it's a must, I don't even know why I list it here, there is no way you call yourself a developer and don't know the ways of version control. Linux is just a plus, haha, I just love it.


      A web application that allows the user to create, edit and populate playlists fetching song's metadata from the Spotify API.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Spotify API, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, JWT Authentication, Mocha, Chai, Travis CI, Heroku, JSDoc

*application demo is unavailable at the moment due to database migration.

Mr Books

      Here is the ultimate search tool for books, or it will be! It provides the list of the current Best Seller books in the market and also allows to search books across the web with the Google Books Engine and Voice Speech Dictation.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, New York Times API, Google Books API, Google Speech-To-Text API

Entre Cubanos

      Entre Cubanos is a blog and a podcast about cuban immigrants and their lives outside Cuba.

Technologies Used: Gatsby, React, React Bootstrap, Styled Components

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Hello there, my name is Carlos and yes, I’m Cuban (that’s why the awful spelling and weird word pair, lol). I'm coding passionate, Linux lover, tech freak and music amateur. Check my blog for cool tech tips, software development articles, life advice and much more.

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